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What parents are saying...

'This is so much more than a preschool. This is something different.'

“The Gan has been everything we wanted, and a whole lot more of what we didn’t know we needed, in a preschool!

It has provided a lovely and peaceful environment for our 1 year old son, who has thrived since he started attending. Every day, he is so excited to arrive and expresses interest to stay longer during pickup!

The director is incredibly kind, organized and attentive, and ensures that the school follows the strictest guidelines in regard to our child’s health and well-being.

Meal and nap/sleep times at home  improved instantaneously since his attendance here. Our son enjoys several art and tactile experiences that he is introduced to in a progressive and intentional way.

Judaism is woven throughout the days/weeks in an accessible manner, giving us a platform to introduce our faith to him in a way he can connect with. The Gan is so much more than a school and we couldn’t feel happier or more blessed to be a part of the community it fosters so effectively.”

'This is the best Preschool in the Bay Area.'

'The Gan preschool has been an absolute dream for our daughter. From the initial conversations, it was clear that the staff cares deeply about children and that the Gan was more than babysitting -- it was immersive, experiential, fun, socializing, and educational. I even take note of the activities they do with the older kids so I can copy them at home when she's older! The teachers take the time every day to send us updates and photos, to note anything particularly exciting or something to look out for. We are so grateful for the individual attention, knowing that our daughter is really being "seen" every day. Being a part of The Gan feels like being part of a caring community that really knows our daughter and our family.'

'We are so happy to see how our daughter is thriving and what she is learning at The Gan. Thank you for taking such good care of her.'

'We love this preschool. It has been a difficult time for everyone with Covid but I am able to see how being here is allowing our son to thrive on a social and emotional level. I am sure that this is really thanks to the time he spends at preschool. They have a wonderful curriculum with activities that provide chances for the children to explore their world in an age appropriate way and become engrossed in play. It is so clear that they care for each child's needs and development. We have always felt good and safe dropping him off in the morning; he is welcomed in so lovingly is happy to go.'

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